About 2

Kate Raffin is a visual artist who enjoys many forms of communicating.

She is also a trained NVC mediator  – Accredited Mediator under the Australian National standards, 

a trained facilitator and a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

Kate is a Team Animator for www.playinthewild.org – initiations into Nonviolence for youth, families and educators.  

Since 2005, Kate has been studying and working with a wide variety and diversity of local and international trainers, including organising and assisting many events. The biggest influences have come from working and studying with Catherine Cadden + Jesse Wiens. It also includes founder of NVC Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Ike Lasater, John Kinyon, Miki Kashtan, Marie Miyashiro + Robert Gonzales.

Kate now works in many regions in Australia offering NVC trainings, Mediation, Dialogue support, Conflict Response System Development.

One of Kate’s greatest passions is to come together with a group of people and offer support to reach learning, creative and collaborative potentials – beyond what we dream is possible.