Mediation / Supported Dialogue

Mediation / Supported Dialogue

 CONFLICT –  one of the most natural things that will come up in our lives. It can be revelationary, very painful, or both.

What do we do when we find ourselves in conflict ?  How do we respond ?  We are responding – whether it is to walk out of the room, turn and “battle it out” or call for the support of a mediator.  Do we like the results of the choices we are making ?  Are these choices contributing to a quality of connection that we are wanting?  Or more pain and misunderstanding?

The mediation I offer uses my skills, training and experience in Nonviolent Communication within the facilitative model which I am Nationally accredited in. I focus on supporting each party to be heard to YOUR satisfaction and by choice. Then, by connecting to each other and ourselves in this way, you will naturally begin to generate new strategies (or tweak the old ones) to include the needs of all those involved.  The results are often, nearly always far from what were first perceived as possible before the mediation.

Of course, conflict effects more than just the 2 people with the most obvious friction and tension. Community and family members are already part of our lives and will most likely benefit from and contribute to having their voice and presence in restorative dialogues. I am seeing the need for this more and more – forums that can hold many voices in the room.

I do not advise or apply pressure for parties to come to decisions. I have full trust in the inherent wisdom and longing to move forward with care that each of us has, especially given the opportunity to hear ourselves and each other.

The number of sessions needed varies depending on your specific circumstances.

It is my passion and conviction to work in this way. I believe as we move into the future we will be reaching higher levels of challenge and therefore a greater need to come together and creatively find new solutions to live and work sustainably, peacefully and productively. Solutions that tangibly reflect that everyone’s needs matter. This work is a powerful testament to what is possible.

One relationship at a time.

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Kate’s stamina and ability to continue hearing no matter how I express myself in our sessions is astounding. She doesn’t miss a beat. It is like I spew out my words and when she reflects back what she has heard, I have a deeper understanding of what is really important to me and can now express it myself. This is MY meaning, MY life, MY truth and she hears all this right through my pain and frustration. I have never been heard so fully and respectfully. She is a miner – for my heart of gold and the miracle is,  now I am way more ready to hear others in this way and collaborate. Kate is specialising in human connection and what really matters – heart talk.

 – Supported Dialogue participant 2016

I would trust Kate with my own family if conflict arose”                                                 Mukti Jarvis (formerly Linda Rysenbry) 2017. colleague

Kate holds the space warmly and with grace and integrity to support heartfelt connection. As a result of our dialogue, I have noticed a real shift in our confidence and willingness to continue to talk respectfully between ourselves. I have trusted her to facilitate my own challenging family conversations, and would happily do so again.’

Sue Armstrong PhD  March 2018 ARMSTRONG MEDIATION: Supporting compassionate separation Mediator, FDRP, Collaborative Professional, Coach, Lawyer

“I really appreciated your role as intermediary and I guess I woudl say interpreter, when the messages or meaning wasn’t making it through to each other. It was good to slow everything down and try to find ways forward that suited us both when our needs appeared at odds” – Anon April 2017