Private sessions

Kate offers private sessions by telephone, skype, Zoom and in person.

These can include, but not limited to :

  • Conflict Coaching and dialogue support and preparation
  • “Harvesting” and moving through road blocks and unhelpful patterns in your life
  • Working more effectively with the most challenging relationships in your life – with partners, work colleagues, family members
  • Getting to know yourself better – tools for living your life more fully 
  • Meeting and growing your passions and unique gifts – ‘where to?’ next steps
  • Doing the work you love sustainably

Contact Kate to enquire about private sessions

“Working with Kate one on one is always magical. I often walk into the session clouded with confusion and self doubt and so many questions about how to find my way through. By engaging a variety of powerful processes from her many years of experience Kate expertly leads me to the heart of the issue with great skill and care. I leave each session with a practical step to take to fulfill my intention within an appropriate time frame. Time spent with Kate in this way is both empowering and clarifying.”   – Cassandra Missio, Director and Yoga Teacher, Earth and Sky Yoga Studio Marrickville.

“Thank you for the listening and the exercise that wasn’t just ‘another fancy way of giving empathy’, I mean it was, but it really felt like a learning game and helped me approach my uncertainties with a tool that made me think and feel with more objectivity and understanding

“Kate Raffin is a gentle, powerful enabler of Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings in communication. Kate is a soul-whisperer whose questions and guidance lead one’s higher self to connect to one’s heart space in the name of Unity.”                    –  Karen Adler 2016.

‘Kate worked with me through four professional coaching sessions. I was feeling stuck about how best to rediscover and then bring forth more of the ‘me’ that wanted to be in the world – those dreams and longings of the heart that had been put on the back-burner or forgotten over the years, while I focused more on family and career. Using very openhearted and creative processes, Kate so kindly helped me to, firstly, name my various talents and skills and then identify the heart’s yearnings and needs. In our last session, we role played a scene, and focused careful attention on the body’s movements to reveal some deeper truths hitherto hidden from conscious awareness. I’m appreciative of Kate’s knowledge of NVC and coaching, her flexibility (both with the timing of sessions and her willingness to guide but not dictate the direction of the sessions) and her overall goodness, which she so generously shares with the world’.  –  Marie, August 2016.

‘Kate has been a mentor, a mediator, a coach, and a guide for me. Through her presence, curiosity understanding and empathy I am able to connect in with myself, touch my truth and find clarity. She meets me where I am, takes my hand and walks beside me until I find my path again.  I am deeply grateful for her presence in this world.              When I think of Kate I think of empathy, understanding, presence, openness, curiosity, creativity and warmth.’ – Kylie Ezyart 2017