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Since 2005, Kate has been studying and working with a wide variety and diversity of local and international trainers, including organising and assisting many events. The biggest influences have come from working and studying with Catherine Cadden + Jesse Wiens. It also includes founder of NVC Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Ike Lasater, John Kinyon, Miki Kashtan, Marie Miyashiro + Robert Gonzales.

Kate now works in many regions in Australia offering NVC trainings, Mediation, Dialogue support, Conflict Response System Development.

Every one of the individuals, couples, groups, teams and communities I have worked with have directly informed me, my relationship to my work and the work itself. The communities I have been invited to create, support and train with are diverse, both in terms of cultures and challenges that they are facing in their work and life. I have had the honour to work with amazing groups of people including:

  • Cherbourg Aboriginal Community – Many Threads Women’s Projects
  • Aids Council of New South Wales Staff and Sex Worker Clients
  • Bega Eco Village Community
  • University of Technology Sydney, Disability Support Staff
  • Shepherds Ground Community
  • Narara Eco Village
  • Bundagen Community
  • Staff at ‘Camp Out’ for LGBTIQ young people
  • Association of Blind Cititzens of New South Wales
  • Nonviolent Communication International Certified Trainers Network
  • Activists, teachers and Community workers
  • People indentifying as Queer, Gay and Transgender
  • Students and practitioners


Catherine Cadden –

Jesse Wiens –

Mukti Jarvis (formerly Linda Rysenbry) –

Robyn Hofmeyr –

Jan Blum –

Cassie Newnes –


Catherine Cadden –

Jesse Wiens –

Dr Marshall Rosenberg – Founder of Nonviolent

Ike Lasater + John Kinyon –

Miki Kashtan –

Verene Nicolas –

Marie Miyashiro –

Robert Gonzales –

Craig Sharp –

And ….

Thank you also to these many influences, some I have and some I have not met face-to-face:

Alice Walker, Joanna Macy, Cate Crombie, Mukti Jarvis, Hafiz, Rumi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Mamuse, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Archie Roach, Kev Carmody, Paul Kelly, Arrameida, Tiddas, Ani di Franco, Rosita Holmes, Casta Tungaraza, Miranda Harris, Fiona Hamilton, Kirsten Coehlo, Victoria Spence, Debi Toman, Patricia Wilcox, Jeanette Winterson, Laurel Cohn, Bill and Lois, Michael Leunig, Hundertwasser, Hukwe Zawose, John Seed, Linsay Pollack, Matthew Fargher, Jude Bellicanta, Janet Andrews, Kokila de Silva, Warren Summers, Barbara Romalis, Cassandra Missio, Rachael Stacy, Marina and Barbs Pozzi, Celina McEwen, Tracy Adams … AND MANY OTHERS ….

including my beautiful family: Janie, Raffo, Nikko, Tom, Ad, Manda and Gelly.

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