• Conflict is inevitable and natural, violence and combat are optional
  • Conflict is a potent opportunity to understand each other, and if safe, to bring what really matters to the table
  • All voices matter and bring something of value to the whole
  • It is always worth putting energy and resources into creating the conditions that will consider each person’s sense of safety, inclusion, belonging and mattering
  • How we hear is as important as what we say, if not more
  • One conversation where someone truly listened to is one significant step in the direction away from violence and towards peace
  • No matter how the differences are experienced, if we genuinely look for points of connection, we exponentially increase the likelihood of getting effective, collaborative responses/results for next steps
  • Our efforts become more sustainable when we celebrate and mourn the results of our actions because we are more likely to integrate our experiences, learn from them and be inspired to move on
  • The more capable any system is to hear and integrate feedback, the healthier and more robust it is
  • Balancing and including honesty with empathy and compassion is a living, moment to moment commitment which actions the focus on connection and what’s important
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