Mediation / Supported Dialogue

If it matters enough to be in conflict about, it matters!

Conflict ? OUCH ! – Usually it means the wellbeing of our relationship and our ability to hear each other has been diminished in some way.

So what is it ? I will support you to reveal and discover the true impact, significance and essential meaning in why you are in conflict. We tend to argue about the details, which are important, but these details are most useful and effective in pointing us to where else to look – what really matters. This is ALWAYS a relief and extremely helpful when have the chance to express this as our truth.

Let’s slow the dialogue down so we can honour ourselves and each other.

Kate brings over 10 years and hundred of dialogues of experience to support us to ground into the present moment, understanding the past and planning for the future with a strong sense of trust and wonder.

This supports us to ‘fight’ in ways that get to the heart of the matter enough to understand ourselves and each other afresh and make requests and offers that bring us more of what we want in our connection.

It is effective and direct while holding care and respect for us all.

The environment we create together is one of respect, care and safety.

The processes used are simple, yet profound. If there was a better way to support mutual hearing and understanding, we’d use it.

You will experience the simple yet profoundly effective tools of Nonviolent Communication and discover why William Uri, author of “getting to yes” and many other bestselling books on negotiating ‘win wins’ says ” Nonviolent Communication is a simple yet powerful methodology for communicating in  a way that meets both parties’ needs. This is one of he most useful books you will ever read”  – William Ury. (ref: ‘Nonviolent Communication- a Language of Life’ – Marshall B. Rosenberg )

Kate’s stamina and ability to continue hearing no matter how I express myself in our sessions is astounding. She doesn’t miss a beat. It is like I spew out my words and she says them back more accurately and imbuing the meaning I thought I’d missed. This is MY meaning, MY life, MY truth and she hears all this right through my pain and frustration. I have never been heard so fully and respectfully. She is a miner – for my heart of gold. Specialising in human connection and what really matters – heart talk – Supported Dialogue participant 

“I would trust Kate with my own family if conflict arose” – Mukti Jarvis – colleague

 “I really appreciated your role as intermediary and I guess I would say interpreter, when the messages or meaning wasn’t making it through to each other. It was good to slow everything down and try to find ways forward that suited us both when our needs appeared at odds” – Anon 

“I felt  safe and positive with you in the picture, and had begun to develop much more optimism around how to gently speak my truth.” – Theresa, Chair of a climate change action organisation.

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