NVC Mediation Training

Art of NVC Mediation

This is a step-by-step training in skills for formal and non-formal conflict mediation, for individuals, groups and workplaces, based on the skills and intentions of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Kate Raffin is an accredited Mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS); an experienced NVC Mediator, and a certified and highly skilled NVC trainer. Kate has a gift for facilitating and holding space for others, bringing clarity, sensitivity, authenticity, creativity, humour, and deep care to her trainings.

This training is for NVC practitioners, facilitators, and people trained in conventional mediation, who have completed at least 2 days NVC training with a certified trainer.

The skills you will learn in this training are useful in all aspects of your life, with results that support not only the actual issue at hand, but the relationships into the future. Mediators, facilitators & trainers will deepen and extend existing skills. Mediators will expand what you’re able to bring to your clients.

The training includes:

  • The 10 mediator skills
  • The two phases and five steps of effective mediation
  • Designing and facilitating inter- and intra-group mediation
  • New approaches to common mediation challenges

And How To:

  • Mediate or facilitate in the presence of passivity, fear and resistance
  • Work with challenges, reactivity and intensity
  • Support people in conflict to hear each other by choice
  • Be involved in a conflict and still choose to take the side of peaceful conflict response
  • Recognise your own default settings in responding to conflict, and learn to increase your options to maximum benefit for all
  • Identify and harvest every interaction to build connection and good will even in intensely challenging situations
  • Mediate the current conflict while supporting parties to re-perceive their ability to connect peacefully and effectively in the future
  • Attend to what really matters and cut the exhausting guess work by supporting and making clear requests
  • Foster the qualities of safety, openness and curiosity, leading to collaborative solutions that work for all
  • Naturally translate judgements and enemy images into common human need language with greater ease
  • Sustain yourself by returning to presence and connection in the midst of intense conflict
  • Create your peer learning & support systems


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