Kate is passionate about supporting groups –  communities, whether this is your family, family business, work place, project team, living community etc to develop the key elements to the communities success.




With any of the above critical systems, Kate will lead you and your community (whether it is family, work group or village) through a series of practical steps to reveal to yourselves and each other what you hold as important both individually and as a group. Often, we have momentarily lost sight of why we first came together and what we want to do with our precious life resources. 

Kate will support you to see:

  1. what is working
  2. what needs support
  3. what your dreams and goals are and
  4. what next steps to take in order to create this. 

Evidenced from her work of over a decade and dozens of unique communities and groups, it is Kate’s conviction, that once we are connected to what really matters and what we DO want rather than than what we DON’T want, we are well on the way to creating it. 

Kate – “I do not hold magic formulas or techniques in how you should behave or operate as a group, I see each group as inherently unique and therefore with unique wisdom and aspirations to bring about. My intention is to harvest and encourage trust in what is possible” 

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The outcome was stunning! Participants rose to the challenge. We were all moved by the brave honesty and self-knowledge that suddenly and unexpectedly led to oiling the wheels of restoration.  

I was a raw facilitator (in the first ‘live’ Restorative Circle in our community) and am grateful for the way Kate modelled holding me and the entire process. Her confidence in the process, and her unique way of quietly and firmly reminding me of the importance of reflecting back was inspiring. At the same time, she encouraged flexibility so that we moved with the flow of the circle. Kate was constantly clear that I was the facilitator – she was there for support, not to take over. Her sharp awareness and listening blew me away.                     

Kate is on top of this process and she has all the skills and aptitude to bring it to communities, groups and work places. I’m excited that these skills and the Restorative Circles process are resources that can be used by humans powerfully with good outcomes anywhere. In Australia, we are blessed to have Kate Raffin to show us how. Thanks Kate!’ Jenny Spinks – resident at Bend Eco Neighbourhood, Bega.  

“I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your input and kindness at our recent Restorative Circle.  They suggested to trust in the process and lo and behold, magic happens !” –  Community member 

“Yes ditto, great gratitude to al involved in the Circle, in the process I was forced to confront something from 71 years ago + bringing that with me into the circle + am very pleased with the outcome helped by all in that circle–  Community member 

To hear the open quality of the conversation after our workshop + realise how far we have progressed on our journey since our first workshop with you is something I wish to share with you. The theme was self responsibility, with more reference to how what I say/do effects others, rather than how they effect me.  In gratitude of your support in our growth. We will achieve this.                                                            

I also think of the many opportunities offered to us and how your strength and focus held us together. Outcomes so far: particular members are opening up more, others are curbing their criticisms, focussing on problems rather than people”  – Jane, Ecovillage member

“When I rang to say “help, can you help us, we are in conflict”, Kate’s priority and ethic was in supporting the sustainability for the community ourselves to step up and trust in what we already have.                

It wasn’t until we were right into the process, that I realised what a helpful and long visioned approach she has. Kate brought trust that through the dialogue we would come to a place that we could all agree on – together – the best chance we had. A point of understanding ourselves and the background about what lead us to behave in the ways we did.” – Sunny, Bench-Co op secretary, Bend Community, Bega 


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