What participants have said …

BRIEFLY – this workshop will:

  • enrich your life
  • open up rich, new avenues for authentic communication
  • be refreshing, feels organic
  • be fun, deep and inspiring

I can not rate this highly enough. Before doing this course my tool belt may have only included a hammer and some sandpaper. Now I have so many tools I need a new tool box! I’m particularly grateful that I came across Nonviolent Communication in a workshop rather than a book or video so that I could personally experience how powerful this is. Kate is a brilliant facilitator and clearly very experienced.  I will use this in all elements of my life: parenting, relationships, community, work. I have a new language and a new way to be in the world.’ – Charlotte McCabe, Newcastle

A powerful tool for living together in an increasingly complex and crowded world . It is extremely relevant to all your relations and doings in the world. The power of dialogue to change our directions and meetings in life. Wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this work. It has real power’ – Ben Emerson 

‘Are you looking for deeper ways to connect with yourself and others? Do Kate’s NVC workshop and practice sessions ‘– Mark Spain

‘As a kinaesthetic learner I have really enjoyed Kate’s teaching style. Her genuine support to impart knowledge for a higher good and integrity. I would recommend NVC to anyone willing to grow in their relationships and ready to shine brighter.‘ – Participant, Canberra

‘I found this work very safe and deep and challenging. It was very empowering for me to be doing this work outside the context of “therapy” or any “mental health” framing. I’m also pleased that although I was crying a lot and often really quite distressed I never explained myself in terms of “mental illness”. I didn’t feel the need to. I didn’t feel the need to because this work doesn’t collude with the kind of individualism that demands an individual story/explanation or creates a situation where, for me, identifying as someone with a “mental illness” and therefore needing “special treatment” is the only way I feel I can protect myself enough to participate.’  – Bess H.Canberra

Life changing, enhancing, empowering. Brings everything I’ve ever done into one package : spirituality, values education, conflict resolution,  counselling, behaviour management etc in schools simple but profound, multi layered can have fun with it become part of a community supporting in and world peace’ –  Dale, participant Pomona 

‘If you want to learn a more peaceful way to be in the world, then I highly recommend coming to a course with Kate. It is more than communication. It is everything alive in us’ – Nikki Brown – participant Newcastle

‘I think this content should be in everyone’s life curriculum’ – Frank Deveson, Canberra 

‘Fantastic course with valuable content. So applicable to everyday life. Everyone should do it. – participant, Canberra 

‘I’m taking away many tools that are very practical to support my days ahead. I feel empowered with the realisation that I have always a choice in every moment… I exchange my energy behave talk move and think it’s a choice and I can choose to which experience I wish to create. I would encourage everyone to dive deep into this work under Kate’s wing’ – Practice day participant, Qld

‘I did experience freeing lots of pieces and bringing hope for the future, thank you so much’ – Agnieszka Practice day participant

“Thank you – my learning ( 3 hour intro) brought about a resolution to a 8 month old family impasse last week!:)” – anon, participant Pomona April 2019

“What an enriching, connecting, inspiring 4 days I just had with you in Lorinna.  Thank you, you filled many many needs for me. The best professional development any teacher could get” – Lavina Wagner, M.Ed teacher, Fernhill, Lorinna 

“Kate, I have been drinking in every moment with you. I find such ease in learning from your use of words, metaphor, illustration + humour and your fluency with the heart of this. Compassionate, empathic listening for teaching. If you do this workshop, you will gain more than I hope to describe. Trust this workshop will enrich your life” – Chrissy Robb 

“I highly recommend this training. Kate is a skilled facilitator who offers a deep experience of NVC techniques and principles. This training opens up rich, new avenues for authentic communication” – Premkranti, Bega 

“If you truly want to have meaningful communication, do this training” – Piers, Bega 

“Refreshing, feels organic, a type of remembering happened for me” – Sharon, Bega 

“I highly recommend Kate’s workshops. They are fun, deep and inspiring. It gives me hope for the world. Kate is down to earth, authentic and caring” – workshop participant 

” Kate is a true role model, a really authentic communicator. I love her passionate commitment to this work and her boldness and sense of fun.”  

 ” Kate has created a safe place for growth and vulnerability. She brings an air of magic with her that everyone gets to share. I have endless gratitude”.

 ” It’s not often that I’ve been to a workshop conducted by someone with such an open heart and so present. It is much valued.”

” It is particularly wonderful to experience being in a class situation with a teacher/facilitator who was not afraid of being open and vulnerable with the class. There was no pretence that you knew everything Kate, or that you had somehow transcended the kinds of struggles of daily life that we were noticing”

” I took this course as a refresher to one that I had previously completed five or more years ago. This was far more than a refresher ! This course was a fantastic starting point and a continuation and a beginning” – Warren

” I want to say a huge THANK YOU to yourself and the NVC work in providing me with the tools with which I can now communicate.I feel so empowered. I feel good about who I am because I am now speaking from the TRUTH of who I am. I don’t have to cover-up, blame, make wrong or practice other unhealthy ways of communicating and behaviours which I used in the past. It feels so good to practice being a better version of who I am today. Thank you for sharing the gift of NVC with me and being in my life ” – Maria M Sydney

“Thank you so much for the Heart Talk Matters workshop – Amazing stuff! I had recently read the book but was unsure how to bring it to life, so the practices and guidelines you took us through were very helpful … your heart felt sharings over the weekend are also inspirational, and I welcome your open and relaxed, inclusive style of teaching. Love your beautiful artistic offerings too, – meets my needs for beauty and creativity !”  Participant, Heart Talk Matters Hobart

“A very valuable training that I will be able to take the skills and understandings into my work place of restorative justice and my private life / relationships- skills of empathy, understanding , listening and empathic communication – a very practical workshop – thank you Kate.” Participant, Maleny

‘Feeling inspired to take this work out into the world – in my daily life, in my family and in my work’. Participant, Maleny


“Working with Kate one on one is always magical. I often walk into the session clouded with confusion and self doubt and so many questions about how to find my way through. By engaging a variety of powerful processes from her many years of experience Kate expertly leads me to the heart of the issue with great skill and care. I leave each session with a practical step to take to fulfill my intention within an appropriate time frame. Time spent with Kate in this way is both empowering and clarifying.”   – Cassandra Missio, Director and Yoga Teacher, Earth and Sky Yoga Studio Marrickville.

“Thank you for the listening and the exercise that wasn’t just ‘another fancy way of giving empathy’, I mean it was, but it really felt like a learning game and helped me approach my uncertainties with a tool that made me think and feel with more objectivity and understanding”

“Kate Raffin is a gentle, powerful enabler of Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings in communication. Kate is a soul-whisperer whose questions and guidance lead one’s higher self to connect to one’s heart space in the name of Unity.”                    –  Karen Adler

‘Kate worked with me through four professional coaching sessions. I was feeling stuck about how best to rediscover and then bring forth more of the ‘me’ that wanted to be in the world – those dreams and longings of the heart that had been put on the back-burner or forgotten over the years, while I focused more on family and career. Using very openhearted and creative processes, Kate so kindly helped me to, firstly, name my various talents and skills and then identify the heart’s yearnings and needs. In our last session, we role played a scene, and focused careful attention on the body’s movements to reveal some deeper truths hitherto hidden from conscious awareness. I’m appreciative of Kate’s knowledge of NVC and coaching, her flexibility (both with the timing of sessions and her willingness to guide but not dictate the direction of the sessions) and her overall goodness, which she so generously shares with the world’.  –  Marie

‘Kate has been a mentor, a mediator, a coach, and a guide for me. Through her presence, curiosity understanding and empathy I am able to connect in with myself, touch my truth and find clarity. She meets me where I am, takes my hand and walks beside me until I find my path again.  I am deeply grateful for her presence in this world.              When I think of Kate I think of empathy, understanding, presence, openness, curiosity, creativity and warmth.’ – Kylie Ezyart MEDIATION / SUPPORTED DIALOGUE:

“I would trust Kate with my own family if conflict arose” – Linda Rysenbry 2017. colleague www.everydaylove.com.au

‘Kate holds the space warmly and with grace and integrity to support heartfelt connection. As a result of our dialogue, I have noticed a real shift in our confidence and willingness to continue to talk respectfully between ourselves. I have trusted her to facilitate my own challenging family conversations, and would happily do so again.’

Sue Armstrong PhD  March 2018 ARMSTRONG MEDIATION: Supporting compassionate separation Mediator, FDRP, Collaborative Professional, Coach, Lawyer

“I really appreciated your role as intermediary and I guess I would say interpreter, when the messages or meaning wasn’t making it through to each other. It was good to slow everything down and try to find ways forward that suited us both when our needs appeared at odds” – Anon

“As a mediator Kate holds a very safe and present space where each person gets to experience being heard and understood, and creatively we walk towards resolution together. She holds a safe space for something that can often feel so scary to explore.” – Kylie Ezyart

“I felt  safe and positive with you in the picture, and had begun to develop much more optimism around how to gently speak my truth.” – Theresa, Chair of a climate change action organisation.


“When I rang to say “help, can you help us, we are in conflict”, Kate’s priority and ethic was in supporting the sustainability for the community ourselves to step up and trust in what we already have.                

It wasn’t until we were right into the process, that I realised what a helpful and long visioned approach she has. Kate brought trust that through the dialogue we would come to a place that we could all agree on – together – the best chance we had. A point of understanding ourselves and the background about what lead us to behave in the ways we did.” – Sunny, Bench-Co op secretary, Bend Community, Bega November 

‘I was a raw facilitator (in the first ‘live’ Restorative Circle in our community) and am grateful for the way Kate modelled holding me and the entire process. Her confidence in the process, and her unique way of quietly and firmly reminding me of the importance of reflecting back was inspiring. At the same time, she encouraged flexibility so that we moved with the flow of the circle. Kate was constantly clear that I was the facilitator – she was there for support, not to take over. Her sharp awareness and listening blew me away.                                              

The outcome was stunning! Participants rose to the challenge. We were all moved by the brave honesty and self-knowledge that suddenly and unexpectedly led to oiling the wheels of restoration.                       

Kate is on top of this process and she has all the skills and aptitude to bring it to communities, groups and work places. I’m excited that these skills and the Restorative Circles process are resources that can be used by humans powerfully with good outcomes anywhere. In Australia, we are blessed to have Kate Raffin to show us how. Thanks Kate!’ – Jenny Spinks – resident at Bend Eco Neighbourhood, Bega

“I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your input and kindness at our recent Restorative Circle.  They suggested to trust in the process and lo and behold, magic happens !” –  Community member

“Yes ditto, great gratitude to al involved in the Circle, in the process I was forced to confront something from 71 years ago + bringing that with me into the circle + am very pleased with the outcome helped by all in that circle” –  Community member 

“To hear the open quality of the conversation after our workshop + realise how far we have progressed on our journey since our first workshop with you is something I wish to share with you. The theme was self responsibility, with more reference to how what I say/do effects others, rather than how they effect me.  In gratitude of your support in our growth. We will achieve this.                                                            

I also think of the many opportunities offered to us and how your strength and focus held us together. Outcomes so far: particular members are opening up more, others are curbing their criticisms, focussing on problems rather than people”  – Jane, Ecovillage member 


Over the two years since I attending Kate’s NVC mediation workshop I have regularly used a number of the practices in my work. I didn’t venture into formal mediation work and still found what I learnt very useful in my work as a facilitator, a coach and a mentor. I find NVC processes helpful in my work and everyday life. This workshop took it all to a new level. 

It gave me extra tools to use when discussing conflict and assisting my clients to build connection with others. The feedback from my clients was always how useful these practices had been for them. This workshop also gave me the confidence and understanding of  how we can all build on and use these skills in mediation in our everyday life.

Kate’s post workshop support and interest was extraordinary and her delight in hearing about how I was using what she taught me says it all.”  – Marian James, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

“I highly recommend it. If you are interested in mediation especially, but also communication in general, peace community/world.’ – Mark Lazarus participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘Do it ! Kate, I take a lot of inspiration from what I observed to be your ability to stay solid/ centered/ strong – while being very flexible and loving at the same time.’ – Rachel Hannam, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training

‘DO IT ! With an open heart and mind. Especially recommended to people working in teams. Kate’s knowledge, ability and skill is rich + delicious + SOOO worthwhile to experience.’ – Erin Young, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

‘Do it – you’ll learn heaps.’ – Paulette, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training

‘Do it! Especially those who struggle in relationships and especially workplace and community conflict.’ – participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘Do it ! If you want a positive paradigm shift in the way you relate to yourself, others and the world.’ – Renee Neely, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘It was AMAZING !   Kate is an amazing trainer + facilitator. A great mix of reflection, self care, community building, skill building, practise and integration’ 

‘Go ahead ! Both for professional and personal reasons. It’s a rich learning experience.’ – Cara Phillips, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training

“I highly recommend it for anyone who has any conflict resolution needs’ – Sharon Rallings, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘An incredibly valuable training for anyone who wants to work in a supportive way with anyone in conflict – individuals and groups.’ – Jerry, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘Kate has an incredibe generosity for nurturing the awkward learning journey. I had training wheels, she gave me ribbons for the handle bars’ – Ingrid, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training

‘ A True experience of growing in conflict. Being Ok and not being Ok in conflict. Owning it compassionately, pushing through – seeing the gifts and feeling the relief inside + seeing the relief in other and the lightness and grace with letting go’ – Lisa Herbert, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘It’s super fun, super interactive, rewarding, yummy and nurturing, deep , relevant, helpful, affirming with a sense of community and collaboration. Such an innovative, joyous creative learning environment. – Bridget O’Donnell, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

I would highly recommend this trainig to everybody ! It has deepened my understanding of myself in general AND my understanding of how to behave in conflict. I know it will help me in my everyday interactions – with myself, my family + my community’. – Ange Jackson, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

‘These five days expanded my understanding and practice of NVC – opening to embrace conflict with curiosity, kindness and respect through the many practices, inspirational readings and quotes and most importantly from the opportunities of direct practice experiences.’ – Wendy Haynes, participant, Art of NVC Mediation training 

“A very valuable training that I will be able to take the skills and understandings into my work place of restorative justice and my private life / relationships- skills of empathy, understanding , listening and empathic communication – a very practical workshop – thank you Kate.” – Participant

 Feeling inspired to take this work out into the world – in my daily life, in my family and in my work’. – Participant


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